Bong, Glass Water Pipe Base Bumper Specialists About Us

We like to say Glow Guard was "authentically inspired". The idea for Glow Guard came from some mushrooms, a laser pointer, and a whole lot of bong smoking between some good lifelong friends. While all hanging around a table we were mesmerized by the shining laser into the bong while taking rips and wished there was some kind of contraption to just keep it on all the time and have color changing capabilities. 

Of course, we have all broken a bong for one reason or another, but placing the bong down just a little too hard after a fat rip happens much too often. We knew the LED's would ideally be on the base and that we would love to try and create a multi-purpose product, thus the first concepts of Glow Guard came to life! 

Simple, yet effective, Glow Guard will make your smoke seshes easier, safer, and more fun! 

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